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Dear Anyone,

Four months ago, "Patrick" started working at my company. He was directed to my department, where I and my co-workers help to train him. Since then, Patrick has come into my department once or twice a week for training, always seeking me out (never asking for any of my co-workers). We have slowly gotten to know each other. It seemed that Patrick was interested as he told me about his parents and various hobbies of his. He would ask me about myself too. I have really grown to like him, but don't have the self-confidence to ask him out. The more time passes, I wonder why he hasn't asked me out. Perhaps he doesn't like me in that way? Or is the work situation scaring him off? We don't work in the same department, so it's not a problem for us to date. Anyway, his training ends this week, and he is being sent on a trip for two weeks. When he gets back, do I pursue something with him or just forget him? How can I tell if there's something there worth fighting for?

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A:  Forget him. If he hasn't asked you out by now, he's not interested. Guys aren't known for their patience.
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B:  Just tell him you're interested and ask him out. Take the risk, for goodness sake!
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C:  Continue with the way things are now. Talk to him if he crosses your path, but don't tell him your feelings or risk rejection.
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D:  Are you upping the flirting? If you want him to ask you out, you need to send out the big-time vibes. Don't despair until you've done that.

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