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  A:  Ditch the boyfriend who no one likes and go back t ...        31%
  B:  Stay with your boyfriend and tell everyone else to ...        22%
  C:  Your old man had his chance and this new guy doesn ...        18%
  D:  Let things settle down and see how things work the ...        29%
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Dear Anyone,

I recently met a guy through a mutual friend during Gay Pride this year. We really didn't connect until the other night, and then proceeded to spend the entire night and the next day together. It was awesome and incredibly sweet. While I am fully aware that one can meet anyone during an event such as this, 'partying' is just that, and gay men are notorious for this kind of thing, I haven't been able to get him out of my mind. I tend to find the negative in situations like this and attempt to sabbotage the situation, but the reality is that he lives in another state.

"Love" longing.......


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A:  It was just a hook-up. Sure it was nice, but enjoy it for just that.
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B:  Stay in touch. Who knows what may happen?
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C:  Keep him in your mind, and pursue it. You don't quite know what he's thinking, and maybe where you are.
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D:  Leave it alone. It's not worth pursuing.

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