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  A:  Set a limit for yourself for how often you can tal ...        45%
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  C:  Assume the relationship is over for good. Go from ...        27%
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Dear Anyone,

I've always had trouble trusting people. Especially guys due to horrible experiences in the past. Lately I've had feelings for this boy who I know has potential to hurt me. He recently got out of relationship with a girl I happen to hate. He was really hurt, and she still is messing with his mind. I know she's better than me and that he can easily go back with her. He tells me I'm wrong, that he won't go back with her but I have a gut feeling he will. Whenever we talk about "us" he kind of puts it off, and changes the subject, but still, acts like he likes me. I really don't think I can bare to get hurt again. I don't know what to do. If I should wait around and hope that he realizes she's not good for him, or stop while I'm ahead and try to not like him.



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A:  Wait around a little more, it takes time to get over a breakup.
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B:  Forget about him, he's going to go back to her.
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C:  Tell him how you feel straight out, if he doesn't say anything back, forget it.

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