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Dear Anyone,

I'm in love with with a girl I have worked with for a couple of years. There's not a day that goes by that. I don't think about her and the possibility of us being together. She and her girlfriend got together right before we started working with each other. I have seen them go through their ups and downs, as all relationships do. I know that she is attracted to me(we are always touching...not taking it too far of course)always flirting, following each other around and hanging out (when her girlfriend isn't around); We are the best of friends. It is obvious to everyone around us that there is a strong attraction between us. I would ultimately feel guilty pursuing a physical relationship because I have grown fond of my competition. I feel I need to take action or my head will explode and my heart will keep breaking everyday. Should I make my move and risk losing two great friends?...or go for it and potentially gain the greatest and longest awaited lover of my life?

hesitant homosexual


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A:  Let her know and potentially lose two of your closest friends
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B:  Spill your heart and have incredible sex with your potential lover
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C:  Live in silence and suffer for all eternity
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D:  Move out of the country

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