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  A:  Set a limit for yourself for how often you can tal ...        44%
  B:  You're clearly pestering him. Give him the space h ...        29%
  C:  Assume the relationship is over for good. Go from ...        27%
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Dear Anyone,

I'm very attracted to a guy at work, but he has a girlfriend of 5 months. While she was on vacation last week, we hung out everyday, and ended up hooking up. I don't regret it, and she heard rumors of us being close, but I don't like being number 2. He says he likes me, but just doesn't want to risk it all without knowing what he's getting himself into. I can be a quite a flirt, and I've calmed down just to show him there's more to me than my looks. He thinks that just because I'm hot, I might not be faithful. My mother told me to keep an open mind, and a friendship and to ignore the comments people make. But some people say to ignore him completely.



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A:  Forget him completely. He's taken.
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B:  Remain friends and see where it can go.
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C:  Show him why he should be dating you and not her
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D:  Ignore him, and wait to see if he chases after you.

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