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  B:  Try to find out from this mutual friend how Mr. Ri ...        25%
  C:  He was getting mixed signals. Next time be more br ...        22%
  D:  Stop being such a wimp and call him.        23%
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Dear Anyone,

My girlfriend and I have been together for about 6 months. She asked me to move in and now things have changed. She's totally stressed out from her work. We don't sleep in the same room very often because she has sleep problems now. She's not as cuddly as she was. She says I smother her too much and, yes, I'm insecure. I hate being in the other room. I'm younger than she by 12 years (me 32 and her 44). I want sex at least 3 times a week. At first it was great but then it dropped to once a month. Do girls get that bad because of stress that they want to be alone all the time and they talk about money and how poor I am etc etc? Oh yeah she has not had a man actualy live with her for 14 years. Why? I'm not sure. She says it's because it ever panned out. I wonder if she does love. I did move out three times because of my insecurity after we got into a fight. I know this takes away from some of it but can I get it back as well?



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A:  Until you work through your insecurities, you'll have difficulty in relationships.
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B:  Things are obviously not working out between the two of you. She's too independent for you. Move on.
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C:  Give her some more time to work through her stressful situation. Try to be there for her without being too pushy.

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