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  A:  Pursue her as if she was anyone else and go throug ...        34%
  B:  Keep laying back and just see what happens.        22%
  C:  Forget about her. If she wanted you then something ...        20%
  D:  Just be honest with her about how you feel. At min ...        23%
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Dear Anyone,

I've been into a guy for along time. I had a chance to go out with him but I blew it. Two years later I'm still stuck on him and now he is getting married to one of my friends. He kinda flirts with me like rubbing my tummy and telling me I'm beautiful then staring at me from across the room. It's bad I know, but I'm hoping they call off the wedding. It's stupid but I'd be happy if I was just his one night hook up. He has cheated on his girl 3 times, maybe I could be lucky number 4. Is it wrong that I want them to end it?

mixd signals from a almost married man


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A:  Yes it's wrong! You should get over your crush already.
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B:  No it's not wrong. You're just jealous. Whatever you do, just don't become the other woman.
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C:  Try to hook up with him before the wedding happens and at least you'll be lucky number 4 and at best the wedding will be called off.

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