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  A:  Forgive and forget ; basically drop it.        28%
  B:  Dump him. You'll never get back what you had.        23%
  C:  Talk to him about how you feel. There's nothing li ...        23%
  D:  Every time you fight, bring it up and make him fee ...        26%
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Dear Anyone,

I am taking Salsa lessons and love to dance. I met a great guy at a dance place who has the same interest. At first we got together just as dance buddies. Then we went out more often and we decided to take dance lessons together as a couple. We ended falling for each other and are now dating. We share the same passion in every sense of the word, including dancing. He is a great lover and friend...and everything is going great. What is the issue here? I am 41 years old, and he is 29.

Neither of us considers age to be an issue, I look younger than my age, and he acts more mature than any person I've ever known, and as long as it is working for both of us, we are going to be together. So why am I feeling a tad hesitant about the age issue? I mean, look at Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher...and what about Justin Timberlake and Cameron Diaz?

What do you guys think?

The Older Woman


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A:  If you're in love, forget about what people say, age is just a number
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B:  You are in different stages of your life. It's better to stay just friends and meet other people
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C:  Go slow, keep an open communication, build your relationship and see where it goes

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