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  A:  Don't be shallow. Give the guy a chance, you never ...        36%
  B:  Forget about him, he is too short to fall in love ...        21%
  C:  Dance with him a few times and have fun, you don't ...        22%
  D:  Just be friends, tell him that he is just not your ...        21%
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Dear Anyone,

I met a great and gorgeous guy online and we totally clicked and hit it off. We live in a fairly small town and have a lot in common and a great connection. We exchanged photos and he is really good looking. When he saw my photos, he told me I was very beautiful. And when I told him thank you and how sweet he was, he told me he just call it like he sees it. However, I am very insecure physically because I just had a baby a few months ago and my body isn't exactly like I want it to be. He never did see full body pictures, just pictures from the chest up. So I am afraid if we keep talking and decide to get together, when he does see me, he isn't going to be as attracted as he thought he was. I saw pictures of his ex and she is gorgeous and tiny! However he says he cant stand her and that she makes him sick. I have friends and family telling me that I am just as beautiful as in the picture and looks obviously it didn't keep them together so I have nothing to worry about. I know I am not a cow or grass or horrid or anything. But I am insecure because my body just doesn't have what it did a few years ago. What should I do?

uncomfortable in my own skin


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A:  Trust that he believes you are beautiful and know that if you really connect that well, then my few extra lbs. won't matter if the feelings are really there
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B:  Shy away your own insecurities and risk missing out on something great
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C:  Be confident and know that if he is worth it he will like and appreciate you just as you are

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