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  A:  Just tell him. If he loves you he'll get over it a ...        45%
  B:  Be subtle. Men are fragile. Hint at it casually in ...        27%
  C:  Just be mad and let him figure it out on his own.        29%
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Dear Anyone,

I have had a boyfriend for more than 4 years and we've been so much in love. We had a great time together but it's now been 5 months since we have started having very serious problems, and it seems that we have broken up. The problem is I still love him. But he wants to go overseas to get a PhD. This means he will be gone for more than 4 years. He wants me to wait for him until he returns, but this seems like nonsense!

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A:  Four years is too long to wait for anybody. Besides how can he guarantee that he'll come back to you if you do wait?!
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B:  Tell him that you'll wait for him and then just see what happens. Maybe it will work, or maybe you'll find someone else.
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C:  Four years will seem like nothing if you end up together for the rest of your lives. If you love each other it will be worth the wait.

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