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Dear Anyone,

I have a friend whom I have known for at least 15 years. I have always loved him but he never seemed to notice me until we went to college together. While we were in college we became friends with "benefits" and have been that way for the last 10 years. When ever he needs me I am there but I am never good enough to be his significant other. I am an attractive woman with a lot going for myself but it is not enough. Now he is seeing someone and acts like I am a girl whom he had met at the club. He doesn't return any of my calls. I have loaned him money, let him use one of my cars when his last girlfriend wrecked his car, and I have bailed him out of trouble in his time of need too many times. I feel I have been used, but I did it to my self right? Now I am heart broken because even though through the years we have both dated with other people and I have even been married before but I have never felt as hurt as I do now. I am almost thirty and I have come to the realization that he will never see me as anything but convenient. How do I get over this? How should I handle this situation? He always forgets that I exist when ever he meets someone. But when I meet someone he calls all the time, gets jealous, and comes over to my house. Am I a loser or just the dumbest woman in the world? I have told him how I feel about him so it is no mystery.

seriously broken hearted


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A:  Forgive and forget
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