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  A:  It's a lost cause. Forget about him and move on.        38%
  B:  Tell him the whole story and see what happens.        23%
  C:  Confront your friend and convince her to break up ...        17%
  D:  Send them some flowers and wish them well in their ...        23%
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Dear Anyone,

I met this guy in May. Since then we've been messaging and texting incessantly everyday. In the beginning we saw each other every other week. We're both financially strapped in a big way and live an hour apart which has led to virtually no contact recently. He also works 24-7. We haven't had sex, because I'm unwilling unless there is commitment and he knows that's why. We've had the 'talk' and he is not ready to take things to the next level. I can't figure out why he's even still making the effort to communicate so often when he obviously doesn't want a relationship and furthermore he's not even getting sex out of it. What's his deal?

completely baffled


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A:  He likes you but work, finances and distance are too much of a factor for anything more to work right now.
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B:  He likes you but hasn't made up his mind as to whether it could ever be anything more because of factors other than work, finances, distance.
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C:  He sorta likes you but likes the attention even more. He doesn't see it going anywhere but will keep the communication string going.
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D:  He doesn't like you at all and is just stringing you along because he can. If you stop responding he'll probably just forget it.

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