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  A:  It's a lost cause. Forget about him and move on.        38%
  B:  Tell him the whole story and see what happens.        23%
  C:  Confront your friend and convince her to break up ...        17%
  D:  Send them some flowers and wish them well in their ...        23%
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Dear Anyone,

I met a girl at my new job from day one we had a strong attraction towards each other and we had a lot in common. As I got to know her better I found out she was a lesbian she has never been with a guy in her life and she left Florida because she had broken up with her girlfriend of 4yrs and she wanted to get away from her past and thats why she was up here in New York now. As we started to hang out and talk more we started to mess around and it ended up in us having sex. After about a month now I am starting to have a soft spot for her and I am thinking of settling down but I know she still in love with her ex she cries at night when she thinks of her .I don't want to get into too deep with her and risk losing her one day just because her ex decided to call her one day and then she would pack her shit and go back to Florida.

Chasing Amy part 2


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A:  Play superman and save her
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B:  Hey sexy lady it was nice to meet ya, but you gotta move on!

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