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Dear Anyone,

I met my ex girlfriend 3 years ago. Things were superbly colorful until her parents got into the picture.

3 years later, a few months ago, we broke up because I found out she cheated on me with one of my buddies for a couple of months. Then caught her again at her place with another guy(whom I know, by chance) just weeks after.

At that time all of them denied having sex or anything related. I got really angry. She denied to it too. Swearing and tearing over it. Then she left me again. All alone in high hopes thinking she regretted her actions. And trusting all those words.

Now all of my friends and family knows about her. She's a social reject everywhere she goes and I feel bad about it. It's just because I am not raised to be this mean.

Then, again she came back with a hope that I'd accept her back. Which was turning out fine until AGAIN her parents got into the picture.

We had tearful conversations almost every night. I listened to her sorrows of regrets and guilt towards me. Until one day the conversation turned hot and she hung up on me. Me in turn, called back and didn't realize it was already 1 AM late at night woke the whole house up.

Her parents knew about it, gave her the "no-more-communications" treatment. That included confiscating her cellphone, banning the use of the home phone and such.

She got mad at me because she said I could've made them change their mind about myself. And not letting them hate me anymore because she had fought hard for me for the first time in her life, against her parents.

Now we're not talking again. And I am not really at peace because I realized that she somehow did something just to prove me she was really sincere in making up for all the nightmares before.

Right now she's totally beyond contact.

I just feel that if I could just have that chance, I'd say we could still make it again, better. I'm so confused, everyone around me totally hate her the way she treated me before. But I still have beliefs in her. Oh people please help?



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A:  Move on and get new one, once a liar, always a liar.
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B:  Give it time, time will heal everything and you'll get back together. Be patient.
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C:  Work hard to get the message over to her that now you're trying. Don't stop.

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