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  A:  You need to just move on, get over the internet guy.        30%
  B:  If you really love the internet guy, go for him. T ...        25%
  C:  Stay with the guy you have now. At least you've ha ...        22%
  D:  Break up with the guy you have now and just see wh ...        22%
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Dear Anyone,

I have this friend whom I know for a few years. We hang out all the time. At least every weekend. We even talk on the phone sometimes {which is rare for me.} Recently he revealed to me that he likes me more than a friend. Now, I frequently drink with this friend. So, I assume I've kissed him since, but never anything further. However, I feel guilty about it. He is older than me by more than five years. Also, my sister is really jealous that he wants to spend time with just me. I care about my sister's feelings and my friend's. I also kind of like my more than a friend. Should I keep my guy and ignore my sister?

Feeling torn and confused with my life


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A:  Tell your friend you're not ready for a relationship.
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B:  Tell your sister that she has to get used to it.
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C:  Don't talk to either of them. This will work out on it's own.
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D:  Talk to both your friend and your sister. Work things out as a group.

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