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  A:  You need to just move on, get over the internet guy.        30%
  B:  If you really love the internet guy, go for him. T ...        25%
  C:  Stay with the guy you have now. At least you've ha ...        22%
  D:  Break up with the guy you have now and just see wh ...        22%
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Dear Anyone,

I liked this guy and we had been talking for quite some time. We started talking when the snow first fell. We spent some time together one night. We did not do anything but only kissed. He was a sweetheart, holding the door for me and holding my hand so I wouldn't slip on the ice. I felt a connection and I thought he felt one too. I tried talking to him afterwards. However, I haven't heard from him since then which has been 4 days. Like I said before, we used to talk all the time. I have no clue as to what to do with the situation. Help please?

Dazed and confused


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A:  Wait for him. He might actually like you.
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B:  Move on. He's not worth your time.
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C:  Talk to him. He's probably scared and shy.
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D:  It was only one night. Don't get attached.

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