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  A:  You need some time apart. Maybe one of you should ...        44%
  B:  Let her go even though it hurts like hell and you ...        29%
  C:  Fight for everything. She might not be "the one", ...        27%
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Dear Anyone,

My boyfriend and myself broke up a month ago. We were going together for a year. We broke up over something stupid. I called him and he told me a another female pop up over his house, without thinking I immediately dump him.He kept telling me it was nothing he don't want her, but I didn't listen. Telling me he love me. After talking to some friends I realize I made a childish mistake, because if it was something between them, he would have tried to hide the situation from me, but instead he told me.He talks to that girl now, but we still kick it, talk everyday. He still tells me, he misses me and still loves me, but then again he's confused about whom he want to be, with her or me. He says its me at times, but then it seems like he don't know, but continues to call me.I do want him back. I moved on at times, but only seem to think of him.



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A:  Move on
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B:  Keep talking to him
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C:  He's over you
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D:  Let her have him

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