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  A:  Your love sounds like a special thing. Wait for hi ...        37%
  B:  You should hear him out when he calls and find out ...        31%
  C:  Ignore him and try to get over it. Try to find lov ...        31%
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Dear Anyone,

I really like this guy I work with. He told one of the girls we work with that he likes me too. We used to flirt all the time and all of a sudden it just stopped. Supposedly he heard some rumors about me and now he acts like he's scared of me. He won't even talk to me or look me in the eyes. I really like him and want to be close to him. What should I do?

Dangerously in love


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A:  Talk to him. Tell him that you thought there was a spark and wonder why it suddenly fizzled out.
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B:  Invite him to coffee or something but treat it like a friendly thing not a datey thing. Maybe bring someone else along to make it more casual.
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C:  Move on. Maybe he's not into you as much as you thought.

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