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  A:  Mention it again, maybe he will give you another e ...        46%
  B:  Drop it and see what happens.        29%
  C:  Dump him. He must not really be serious about you ...        25%
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Dear Anyone,

I started to work for a new company last month, and found a woman from my childhood past that works there. I like her, but she has a boyfriend. She has most of the same interest as I do. She wasn't raised like I was and has had a troubled past. She has two beautiful girls. She has had some of the same issues as I had in the past. Trouble is that I just keep thinking about her. There aren't that many people in the world with similar interest, a shared past, and two people who have shared secrets that only they would know. She is only about two years older then me. My concerns are many. First she works with me. Second, she has a boyfriend. Thirdly, I do not know how to ask her out or get her. I would love anyones advice on how to win her heart. Thank you.

Dazed and Confused in Valparaiso


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A:  Ask her out
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B:  Kiss her
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C:  Ask how she feels

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