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  A:  Mention it again, maybe he will give you another e ...        46%
  B:  Drop it and see what happens.        29%
  C:  Dump him. He must not really be serious about you ...        25%
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Dear Anyone,

I have been speaking with the same woman online for 1 year now and I believe I have fallen in love with her. I think she has fallen for me as well. We speak on the cell phone almost every day it's like we really are together. She lives in Spain and now that her family has found out, they are creating problems for her. As of 2 weeks ago we don't speak as much online now and very few calls also. I love this woman. Do I wait this out or do I go on with my life?

very confused????


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A:  Ask her whether you should wait for her or if you've hit an insurmountable roadblock.
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B:  You had your fun but in the end your chances of finding love online like this are slim.
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C:  Give her some more time and maybe things will go back to normal.

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