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  A:  Try to loose the weight and then he'll have to hol ...        32%
  B:  Have fun with this new guy for a while and see whe ...        20%
  C:  His love for you is clearly conditional. Maybe it' ...        22%
  D:  Get out and don't look back.        25%
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Dear Anyone,

I have been off and on with this girl for a year. She has a myspace with a journal where she wrote about having a dream about sleeping with someone else. She thought I couldn't see it. Then when I asked her about it she got real upset. We haven't talked since.

Not sure what to think


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A:  Sheesh! It was just a dream. Contact her and apologize.
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B:  Contact her but tread lightly. She may be into someone else.
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C:  Leave the ball in her court. If she calls, great. If not, let it go.
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D:  She's obviously not that into you anymore. If she was, she would call you.

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