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Dear Anyone,

I am 25 years old. I met this girl when I was 17. She was just 14. I met her during my vacation to my granny's place for just 5 days.

I was deeply infatuated and have never been able to get her out of my mind. The more I thought of her the more she was etched in my memory. I have come to a stage where I wouldn't mind marrying her though I haven't even spoken to her or exchanged emails in the past 8 years.

I desperately looked for her all over the internet and finally after 6 years of searching found her twin brother on (Its similar to face book, bu by GOOGLE). She's grown into a beautiful woman and her relationship status says 'SINGLE".

I had affairs with two girls in these 8 years, and they were purely physical. I simply cannot think of relating to any other girl because of what this girl has done to me.

I am not miserable or anything. I am living a perfect life flirting my way to glory, but there seems to be a void for that perfect match which only this girl can fill (So says my subconscious)

I have her email id, and her brothers. But I did not message or mail her. I rather messaged her brother and he remembers me and he also gave me this girls regards... Now, I don't know how to go.. I just wanna play safe and slow...

Please help !



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A:  I cant make a move as I almost don't know her.
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B:  I cant get over her

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