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  A:  Try to loose the weight and then he'll have to hol ...        32%
  B:  Have fun with this new guy for a while and see whe ...        20%
  C:  His love for you is clearly conditional. Maybe it' ...        22%
  D:  Get out and don't look back.        25%
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Dear Anyone,

I've been friends with this guy for a little over a year. Early in our friendship I told him I had feelings for him but nothing happened. However, he constantly jokes about us being together, having kids and having sex. We're very physical together (We lay in bed together, I lay my head in his lap) but we haven't led up to anything overly sexual as of yet. He's been in bad relationships in the past and I'm trying to figure out what he wants. Please help.

In Love With My Best Friend


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A:  He's into you but doesn't want a relationship just yet. Stick it out and see what happens.
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B:  He's into you but he's confused. Make the first move.
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C:  He's not into you at all. He just has an odd way of showing it.
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D:  He's not into you and is abusing your friendship. End the friendship.

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