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  A:  What's the point of continuing a relationship with ...        30%
  B:  Take some time apart and see if you both realize t ...        24%
  C:  Settle for what he has to give you now: some love ...        24%
  D:  Tell him to call you when he's resolved his issues ...        22%
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Dear Anyone,

My husband and I have been married for five months. I love him very much. The problem is that lately I feel like he is not interested in me. I am a student and he never asks about that. I am also starting a new job and it seems that he could care less. (Of course, he likes the financial aspect of the new job and the financial impact the degree will make.) He was never very open before we got married, either. I have spoken with him about my feelings, and he says that he will try harder. Yet, here I am writing this letter. I am beginning to feel emotionally alienated from him and I am afraid of what will come after these feelings.

Confused Loving Wife


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A:  Give him an ultimatum demanding that he show more respect, or else you'll have to find respect elsewhere.
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B:  Just deal with it. He was not very open before you married him, so you got what you bargained for.
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C:  He's already promised to try harder, so you've just have to give him time to change.
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D:  Try some relationship counseling. If he's already uninterested in your life after five months, what will happen after five years?

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