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  A:  Stop being so nosy. Say nothing and stop reading h ...        32%
  B:  You've got a reason to be jealous. Say nothing but ...        20%
  C:  Talk to him about it.        24%
  D:  Once a cheater, always a cheater. Time to end the ...        24%
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Dear Anyone,

I met this guy through a friend a little over a week ago. We hung out and went to see a movie. We have a lot in common. I'm 19 and he's 24. We hung out a lot during the week, and we see each other every morning because of where he works. I felt that he was interested in me as more than a friend, but I keep getting mixed messages. We haven't kissed yet but I'm almost sure he wanted to last time we said goodbye, but I'm not sure. Every time we see each other we always hug, and they are long, tight hugs. Also last time he gave me a massage without me even asking him, and it was really nice. Things seem to be going well, except for when he says he will call or that we will hang out. He either doesn't and says something has come up or is really late (like 3 hours). Is he really interested or if I am just a back up plan or a fill-in?

Confused in L.A.


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A:  Move on. Any guy who's interested would be chomping at the bit to see you, and would never be three hours late. He's just not that into you, honey.
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B:  Don't sweat it. People run into busy stretches. Maybe you just caught him at a bad time.
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C:  Massage good. Lateness bad. They cancel each other out, so at worst your position is neutral. It's too early to tell.
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D:  Get the skinny from your friend about whether he's into you. The mixed signals call for alternative information-gathering techniques.

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