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  A:  Tell your friend not to kiss and tell.        40%
  B:  What's done is done. Everybody does stupid things ...        34%
  C:  Well you certainly won't make that mistake again!        25%
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Dear Anyone,

I know someone at work who has become involved with someone else at work. She constantly uses him for sex, then keeps pushing him away. She never considers his feelings or what it does to him. When he starts to get tired of her antics and manages to end it, he about gets over it and ready to move on, then she pulls him back into her life and does the same thing again. Each time she does it she promises him she won't push him away, but she does. It really hurts him a lot, but she doesn't stop to think how it hurts him. We recently went through the same relationship trials, as I found out my boyfriend was using me for sex, and I got tired of it. I ended it with my boyfriend, about 2 months ago. I try to help him and support my friend as much as possible, but he keeps going back to her and she doesn't appreciate him at all. I'm at my wit's end as to what to tell him anymore. The thing is I developed feelings for him myself, and I know I could make him a lot happier then she ever could. Unfortunaly he doesn't see me that way, only as a friend. I don't want to push him away by pushing to hard. I offered to be there for him whenever he needs someone to talk to. We grew really close in the past month. I even gave him my phone number if he needed me to talk to, while I was on vacation. What should I do?

Infatuated at work


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A:  Forget him and move on (just be a friend and forget the idea of any romance).
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B:  Wait until he gets really tired of her and is ready to move on, but continue to be there for him.
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C:  Just continue to support him, and hope for the best.
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D:  Tell him that you won't be friends with him anymore if he keeps letting himself be used.

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