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  A:  Tell your friend not to kiss and tell.        40%
  B:  What's done is done. Everybody does stupid things ...        34%
  C:  Well you certainly won't make that mistake again!        25%
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Dear Anyone,

I'm 23 and have been with my boyfriend for just over 2 years--though we recently split up. We had a baby in October and I have 2 other children from previous relationships. The problem I have is that he treats my other children differently from our son, does next to nothing around the house, and spends a lot of time around his friend's house. This drives me mad and he can be so moody sometimes that it makes me wonder why I'm with him. I do love him and when things are good I want to spend the rest of my life with him. I know he loves me but I feel like he takes me for granted and I can't get him to realise that he is being unfair. I want things to work but I don't know how.

confused and frustrated from uk


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A:  If he's not pulling his weight in the relationship and around the house you're better off on your own.
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B:  Live separately but stay together.
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C:  You're in a tough situation given that you've got three kids. It's probably best that you accept things as they are and deal with it.
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D:  You can't give up so easily. Try and talk about things honestly and give it another go.

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