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Dear Anyone,

I was married for 7 years, been divorced 10 years, been engaged 4 times. I have great relationships until they start talking about moving in together or getting married, then I wait until they are not home and pack my stuff and run! I don't know why I can't stick it out. I believe it might have to do with my childhood. My mom gave me up at 13 to be with my step-dad, and my dad was too successful in his career to take me on. So I went to foster care until married at 16. I am in a relationship now, and he is hinting that he wants more! Can you help me? My friends tease that I am the runaway bride.



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A:  Ask him to be patient with you. Tell him you'll let him know when you're ready for a more serious commitment.
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B:  Maybe commitment just isn't your thing. Run now before he pops the question.
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C:  If you can't handle the long-term thing, then maybe you shouldn't date at all. After all, ultimately people are looking for something more permanent.
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D:  You may be onto something with your past. Get some conselling to help you sort it out.

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