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  A:  You've got come clean and tell him your feelings.        32%
  B:  This sounds like a job for a mutual friend. Get so ...        23%
  C:  He's already got a girlfriend so keep your hands off.        21%
  D:  Guys flirt with girls to pad their own egos. It do ...        24%
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Dear Anyone,

Can a man and woman be best friends without having any sexual feelings or desires towards one another? My boyfriend, a 46 year old man, has a best friend who's a woman. They've been best friends for over 2 years now and are both recovering alcoholics. This bothers me at times because he is so emotionally close to her and refuses to give up any overnight visits or trips with her. We are always at odds over their relationship. Am I being a stick in the mud? Am I being jealous and mistrusting? I feel he puts me 2nd to her at times.

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A:  Men & women can be pals without sex! Get over it or you may lose him.
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B:  They find a bond in their disease & recovery...accept it.
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C:  NOOOO..there's always sexual thoughts between men & women who say they are just friends. He better start respecting your feelings and put you first.

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