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  A:  You've got come clean and tell him your feelings.        32%
  B:  This sounds like a job for a mutual friend. Get so ...        23%
  C:  He's already got a girlfriend so keep your hands off.        21%
  D:  Guys flirt with girls to pad their own egos. It do ...        24%
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Dear Anyone,

I have been with this amazing girl for about a year now. I can honestly say she is the best thing that has happened to me. We've been each other's firsts for many things and she and I are very special for each other.

These past few weeks have been extremely hard though. She tells me she feels like she is already married and wants to feel young still. She wants to date around and make sure I'm "the one" before she can feel okay with me again. This has been slightly random and suprised me. We tried the whole "space" thing and that lasted a day. Again we tried, and she wanted a break up and through the explanation she cried. I also had my random fits but the day passed and she decided we should be together. I found out on this time she kissed my best friend. She explained to me he was a lust, and nothing more. I got past it but the problem of her thinking we're too young to be so married-like remains. I want to make her feel like I'm not choosing her for life. I realize that someday we might mutually break up and move on. I have accepted this. But things were good and I don't want it messed up for almost nothing. I can't seem to do anything to help her, and this might lead to us leaving each other.

losing what is good


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A:  You need some time apart. Maybe one of you should go away for a while or at the very least you need to make sure you don't see each other for a while.
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B:  Let her go even though it hurts like hell and you won't get over her
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C:  Fight for everything. She might not be "the one", but happiness like this is rare and should be kept while it can.

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