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Dear Anyone,

My boyfriend of 4 months has just moved in with me. I have a male friend, "Jack", who my boyfriend doesn't want coming around. The problem is that Jack was honest and told my boyfriend that he wanted me at one point and would adopt my child. Jack has also said that he respects the relationship I and my boyfriend have. Besides, I only want Jack as a friend but my boyfriend thinks Jack is hunting for more.

My boyfriend works two jobs, sometimes until 9pm and has said that Jack can come over on the weekend but not during the week while he is working. I feel the tension in the air when they are in the same room. But while my boyfriend is at work I just like to have some company and Jack will come over for some beers. Jack says that my boyfriend is being controlling. Is my boyfriend right or is he trying to control me?

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A:  Your boyfriend wants to contol you. You are going to lose all your friends because of his insecurity.
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B:  Your boyfriend is doing it out of love and trying to show that he cares about the relationship.
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C:  Listen to your boyfriend, Jack is going to play homewrecker!

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