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  A:  Hmm - It sounds like he just isn't that into you. ...        36%
  B:  That's a perfectly legit answer. He could be stil ...        24%
  C:  Sounds like he just had cold feet for the dance bu ...        20%
  D:  Hm - this is a tough one. It sounds like he's all ...        19%
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Dear Anyone,

First of all, let me start by saying that I am a little on the shy side but once I get comfortable around you I am a totally different person. With that said, there's this girl that I have been wanting to ask out for the last 3 years (we work at the same place). When I first met her she was married so I ignored my feelings. But sometime last year she got a divorce. What would be the best way to approach her and ask her out?

Single in the South


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A:  Just go right up to her and ask her out.
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B:  Get someone to ask her for you.
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C:  Write her a note.
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D:  Take it slow. Be her friend first and then you'll know when the right time to ask her out arises.

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