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  A:  Yes, you have a right to be angry. She hasn't been ...        32%
  B:  She has no interest in dating you, but doesn't hav ...        26%
  C:  You're partly to blame. Even though she was rude f ...        19%
  D:  All is fair in love and war. You have no right to ...        22%
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Dear Anyone,

I've been with my boyfriend for one and half years. He doesn't answer questions very well and has a problem with talking about his feelings. He just about refuses. He doesn't think he needs to tell me what he shows me. Anyway lately we don't have sex. Once this month to be exact. He says he's just not in the mood and that maybe I should find me a younger man. My boyfriend is 46 and I'm 50. We still spend as much time together as always so what's really going on?

Frustrated and More Frustrated


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A:  Try talking to him again
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B:  Do nothing and see what happens
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C:  Take his advice and get a younger man
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D:  Kick him to the curb

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