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  A:  Put your foot down and say no. Married people aren ...        32%
  B:  Just go with the flow. As long as she's not sneaki ...        20%
  C:  Your wife should respect your feelings. If she's w ...        26%
  D:  You sound insecure and jealous. Is your wife banne ...        23%
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Dear Anyone,

I'm only a teen and in love with a 44 yr old man. He is married and he says he isn't happy with her and that she never listens to him. He has even told me he's in love with me and has been for long time. I really do love him and really do want to spend the rest of my life with him. He says he wants to spend the rest of his life with me. He also says he loves me more than I'll ever know, but sometimes I don't believe him.

Inlove but not sure


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A:  That age gap is completely out of the question and possibly even illegal. Don't go any further with this idea.
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B:  Some people are more mature for their age. Love is love. Give it a shot.
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C:  You are too young to know what love really is. There's more to it than just a funny feeling.
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D:  Go for it. Just be careful and make sure he truly has good intentions.

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