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Dear Anyone,

I have met this girl online and we have been talking for about 2 months now. It started out just as friends. She is 18 and I am 30. Over the last month we have both discovered that I have fallen in love with her and she has also said it as well. We talk all the time and from the time we get up we are talking. I have made plans to go see her in October but she told me she is afraid of how her family will take our meeting because of her past. And she is very close to her family. She said she does love me, wants to meet me and doesn't want me to give up on her. But then she'll say she is not ready to make the next step with me, that she doesn't know if she will ever be ready and she doesn't want to hurt me. So my question is, is she playing games with me or is she being sincere, and should I wait for her to be ready or should I just let go?

Am I being a fool?


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A:  Just wait and eventually she'll be ready.
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B:  She is just enjoying the attention of an older man but is not really ready for the kind of relationship you would like to have.
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C:  What are you thinking? Your age difference is huge and you met online.
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D:  She is just playing you for the fool.

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