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  A:  Be there for him no matter what. (1) You love the ...        32%
  B:  Tell him it's you or the road. (1) You've been at ...        26%
  C:  Date his best friend. (1) That'll teach him a less ...        19%
  D:  Dump him already, girl. Like you said, (1) he's gi ...        23%
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Dear Anyone,

Ladies, I need advice. I dated a man for a few months and it became serious. We broke up for stupid reasons and were apart for quite some time. During this time, I dated, but had no intimate relationships. I take this very seriously and admittedly, still loved my ex-boyfriend. He contacted me, months later, and we rekindled our relationship. He was honest and stated that he had one intimate relationship during our break-up. Unfortunately, I knew the woman and found her reputation to be less than moral. I asked him if he had used protection and he stated he had. I trusted him and admit it was wonderful to be in his arms again... I love him and had missed him so. Come to find out, I went to the ob/gyn and was diagnosed with a yeast infection---which is not an STD, but, I have never had one before. I finally got it out of him that he had lied; he had unprotected sex with this woman. I am caught, because, even though I have been tested and know I am safe--I know I probably should leave him, but I love him. Other than this, he is a good man. He apologized and has started to go to Church, in the hopes that becoming more connected to God may help him be a more honest person. I haven't talked to anyone about this, but thought I would give this a shot---please help! Thank you for your input!



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A:  Leave him.
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B:  Stay and try to trust him again.
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C:  Go to Church with him.

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