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  D:  Just ignore his calls and emails, and he'll be gon ...        24%
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Dear Anyone,

I have known this woman for seven years. She has broken off our relationship several times for various reasons.

She has four kids; I have 2. All the kids are teen years or older. She is the youngest of seven. She was in an abusive marriage. I was in a bad marriage.

She doesn't enjoy my friends--especially if a few drinks are in play. Ex and dad alcoholics.

I love this woman very much and it seems when we break up, I always pursue her to get her back. When we get back things are good for a while but when there is a situation where there are other people involved, she goes into a shell and we end up in a fight. We have talked about marriage, but with kids in different school districts we always decide to wait. When we are alone things are wonderful and we really click but in social setting I have to watch everything I do or we will fight.

I told her again how much I love her and she tells me she loves me but she does not feel appreciated and that is the route to her insecurities. I cook for her, we go away together, I have taken the kids on vacation. We are very compatible intimately. I don't know why she does not feel appreciated. She wants us to be friends first and take this one step at a time.

I don't know what to do.

Confused Pa


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A:  Just try to get over her once and for all. It's obviously not working out.
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B:  Propose to her. That will show her that you're committed and ready for some stability.
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C:  Play it her way. Work on your friendship and see where things go from there.

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