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  D:  Just ignore his calls and emails, and he'll be gon ...        24%
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Dear Anyone,

I'm in need of help with a broken heart. It all started when my friend Ryan told me he was in love with me. I was scared because I didn't want us to end up hating each other if we broke up. He assured me that everything would be okay and he would never hurt me. It took me a while before I thought I could trust him. Everyone tells me I always have a problem trusting people but I think it's better to be more cautious.

So I decided to give him a chance. I did like him a lot and he was the sweetest guy I had ever met. We dated for about 3 weeks, then one day he called me up. He sounded strange like something was bothering him. I kept asking him what was wrong. He just ended up saying that he was confussed and he didn't know if a relationship was the best thing for him right now.

Before I knew it, we had broken up and I couldn't seem to stop myself from crying. He wanted this relationship and told me he loved me. A few days went by and he comfronted me and said that he made a huge mistake and he didn't want to break up but he needed time to clear his head first. I respected his wishes and for the next couple of days I gave him his space.

When I didn't hear from him for a while I comfronted him. I asked him what was going on and his reply was "I like someone." I couldn't believe what he had said. I was so angry and hurt. Then he said "You're too fragile. You get hurt too easily." I couldn't believe what was happening. I started screaming at him saying that he wanted this relationship and how I knew things would come to this. I told him that I hated him and I never wanted to speak to him again. He said that was fine but not to do anything stupid. I just said "Why do you care? You don't give a sh*t about me" and he said "Yeah, keep telling yourself that" And that's the way we left it.

We haven't talked in about 3 weeks and he hasn't even tried to contact me. I feel as though I should hate him but something inside is telling me that I still love him. I don't know what to do, I'm so helpless and confused.

heart broken


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A:  Leave things the way they are; just don't talk to him and see if he comes around.
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B:  Talk to him; tell him how you feel and try to be friends.
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C:  What a jerk! You deserve better.

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