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  A:  Try to forget about it. It's not a big deal, and w ...        34%
  B:  Talk to the friend and politely tell him he needs ...        22%
  C:  Make it up to your husband by paying him extra att ...        24%
  D:  There's no choice but to let things continue to be ...        21%
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Dear Anyone,

About a year ago my best friend and his girlfriend were having some problems and I tried to help in sorting it out. But it got out of hand and I fell in love with the girlfriend and she fell in love with me. We started doing things behind my friends back, and eventually they broke up. We were about to get together, but she started seeing my friend again and I was lost. She started telling me that she hated me and I should have never got between them in the first place. I have never been so hurt in my life. Then about a week ago they broke up, and she called me and told me everything. She said she didn't mean it and that she wanted to be friends. But I know that she really wants me because she doesn't have him. I still love her, and I'm still mad at her. I feel that the only way that she would have me was if she didn't see my friend. What should I do?



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A:  Put it behind you and go for her.
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B:  Tell her that she hurts you and that you feel like you're just her rebound and you don't want it to happen like that.
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C:  Get over her and never go out with her.

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