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Dear Anyone,

I was married for 4 years to the greatest guy. We did not fight at all. One day he asked for a divorce. I was crushed. There were stressful things "out of our control" going on, before he wanted out. We have been divorced 6 months, and now live in different states. We are still in touch. I miss him and love him very much. He says he does not know what he wants. He cannot say either way. He does say that he does not want to date anyone else at all. Do I hang on and try to work something out?

Lost And Alone, Unable To Recover It Seems


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A:  Forget him. Marriage is about commitment, and if he doesn't know what he wants, he's not marriage (or re-marriage) material.
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B:  Hang on and take what little he gives. Maybe he will come back to you once he realizes what he gave up.
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C:  Date other people, and keep your ex on the back burner. There's no reason you can't play it both ways.
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D:  Is your ex secretly gay? Depressed? No one leaves a good marriage for no reason. Don't even think about re-marrying him until he goes to counselling and comes clean 100% about his issues.

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