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  A:  Move on. Any guy who's interested would be chompin ...        34%
  B:  Don't sweat it. People run into busy stretches. Ma ...        20%
  C:  Massage good. Lateness bad. They cancel each other ...        24%
  D:  Get the skinny from your friend about whether he's ...        22%
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Dear Anyone,

I've been seeing a wonderful man for almost 2 years. Our only problem is his ex wife. He thinks it's okay to meet her everyday for coffee, e-mail each other all day, run her errands and call her every night before bed.

Every little problem she has she calls him. And she has told him to get out of our relationship, because he does more for me than I do for him. She has said a lot of nasty things to him about me. He thinks she can do no wrong.

He says he loves me and they are just friends. I don't want him around her anymore at all.

exed by the ex


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A:  There's not enough room in his relationship with his ex for you. Move on.
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B:  If you love him. Put up with it.
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C:  Tell him that if he doesn't create some separation between him and his ex, that you're out.

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