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Dear Anyone,

I have a big dilemma. About 2 weeks ago I got an email for an ex-boyfriend. It has been years seen I have had contact with him before the email. It was a very bad break up for me. It took 3 years of healing including spending time in the psych ward.

So over years I have burried my feelings for him deep inside me until now. I'm questioning if I am still in love with him and whether he could still be feeling the same way about me.

When he sent this email to me making the first contact in years, he titled the email in a way that he knew I would open it. He said that my favorite group was on tour, and I question why he did that, did he think that I would not open it, if he just titled with his own name saying hello?

Then the content of the letter had nothing to do about my favorite group. He said that he was thinking of me and was wondering what I was up to. He said that when he saw me on a bus some years ago that he wished that he had stayed and talked to me, so I find the whole thing pretty darn confusing.

Help me get this ex boyfriend love grip off my back


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A:  If he messed you up that badly in the past don't risk your sanity again. Block his email address and stay far, far away from him.
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B:  You still have feelings for him so you owe it to yourself to explore the possibilities of rekindling your relationship.

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