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  D:  Shame on you. If you really love your boyfriend, y ...        27%
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Dear Anyone,

My boyfriend and I started going out my freshmen year of high school but we have been the best of friends since the 7th grade. The first time we went out it did not last. I broke up with him because I was not happy. A year later we tried again. It only lasted a week before he pissed me off and I broke up with him, but we remained friends. Then we decided to go out again and we have been going out for almost a year without breaking up now. There are times that I'm very happy, but then there are times I feel as though he doesn't love me like he says he does. Recently he moved away and I don't get to see him as much. Since it's almost our 1 year anniversary I'm evaluating our relationship and trying to decide if it's worth continuing to be together. Should I continue to try and work out our relationship problems or is it just not worth the nights sitting at home crying because he broke my heart?

Crazy Beautiful


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A:  Don't be a quitter this time. Stay with him and try to work out the problems.
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B:  You've tried to make this relationship work too many times already. Dump him and see what the other fish in the sea have to offer.
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C:  Do what you've done in the past: take some time apart and try again.
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D:  Talk to him about it. If you two can't come up with a solution, move on.

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