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  A:  Back off until he no longer lives with the wife. H ...        36%
  B:  Just take it slow and see if anything develops, bu ...        17%
  C:  If you feel the chemistry, ask him to leave his wi ...        17%
  D:  You're interested in a married guy that prowls clu ...        30%
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Dear Anyone,

I am completely and totally in love with this boy! The only problem is that he is 4 years older than me. He is so completely hot and he is extremely nice! I have never had my first kiss before and I really want to do it with him! I know that it is wrong to go out with a guy who is 19 when I am 15 but I can't help it, I just really love him! Our families are really really good friends and every couple years we go on vacation together. We are going this summer and our family is going to share a condo with his family. I have no idea if I should kiss him or not. I mean I could always find a time to be alone with him and then get close to him and maybe kiss him gently but I have no idea if I should. I know that if our family's saw us kissing I would be in so much trouble and I know that if he doesn't like my kiss then it would ruin my friendship with him. I seriously think that he is my soul mate because we have known each other all of our life. PLEASE HELP ME!

In love with him


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A:  Girl you are pathetic, KISS HIM!
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B:  You really don't want to ruin a friendship, just wait a while.
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C:  Let him make the first move!
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D:  Honey its never going to happen!!!

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