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Dear Anyone,

This is a complicated one..or maybe not. I am a 28 year old married professional/ military man. No kids, marriage is going good. Just this last weekend I was at a friends wedding without my wife, when I met this amazing woman! We talked most of the night, about many different things from careers, to relationships (she has a boyfriend...with some issues), and she herself is an aspiring musician. I was lucky enough to hear some of her music and by the end of the night we went out to a bar after the wedding together. We left after a little while and all of a sudden walking back to our respective hotels we kissed quite passionately. I felt electricity leap through me and we seemed to both be perfect at that moment. We ended the night there, and the next day she flew back to where she is from, a few states away and I went home. I have never done anything like this and feel extremely bad...after a few emails we have decided its not going to go any further with me married and her in a relationship. The problem is...we both admit to being crazy about each other and wanting to take it further, but know we cant. HELP!!! is all I can say...

In love even though I shouldnt be!!


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A:  Forget it happened move on...You are married anyway!
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B:  Work on it...See where it goes
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C:  Keep in touch as friends only
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D:  No contact whatsoever

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