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  A:  Give him an ultimatum demanding that he show more ...        30%
  B:  Just deal with it. He was not very open before you ...        19%
  C:  He's already promised to try harder, so you've jus ...        21%
  D:  Try some relationship counseling. If he's already ...        30%
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Dear Anyone,

About 4 years ago I dated "Bill" for about 4 months. We never really broke up, just went our seperate ways. Well, for the last 3 months, we have been seeing each other again and everything is going great. About a year ago, Bill had a problem with drugs, but he's done with that and he's got a degree. The problem is that in the last 4 years, Bill's ex-wife has become my step-cousin (her dad married my aunt) and we've gotten really close. I know they're divorced and it shouldn't matter what she thinks, but she is now part of my family and so is the child they have together. I have been keeping this from my sisters and mom until they found out today. Now they completely disown me and say I can't come to any family functions that involve my step-cousin, and that he's a loser on drugs and that they want nothing to do with him or me. My sister said I should just end it now, but I'm finally happy. Should I listen to my family or do what makes me happy?

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A:  Choose Bill and be happy. Your family can't tell you who to love.
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B:  Choose your family and make them happy. Trust us, a guy isn't worth losing your family.
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C:  Talk to your step-cousin. Her opinion is the only one that matters--not your sisters' or mom's.

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