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Dear Anyone,

For 2 years, I worked with a guy that I adored. We lunched together every day and I confided in him completely. We talked about everything, up to and including sex. This guy was extremely attractive to me (and to most women), and I considered having an affair with him. When I told my husband about my crush, all my feelings for this man completely vanished. I made it very clear I only saw him as a friend.

A few years have gone by since I left the company. I stayed married to my great husband and had a baby. I still kept in touch with the man, on and off. Recently, I did a week-long project for the company and was so excited to work with him again. The strange part was he was almost avoiding me at first. It took a while for him to warm up. After I finished the project, he flat out ignored me when I tried to get in touch (screening calls, etc.). Then, I saw him out at a bar recently and he was friendly, apologizing for "losing touch." I am confused and hurt and my husband can understand why.

Confused and Hurt in Pennsylvania


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A:  Let the friendship go. He thinks you like him and is avoiding you like the plague.
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B:  Let the friendship go. He likes you and can't handle you being married with a baby.
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C:  Try to keep the friendship up. If he apologized, then maybe he sincerely feels bad about losing touch.
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D:  What's with your "understanding" husband? He should be telling you to get a grip and stop obsessing about some dude you wanted to sleep with once.

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