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Dear Anyone,

This is for my friend Jen. I am still in love with my ex. To spare the name let's call him Thomas. I wanted to take a break with him until I got my head straight. I ended up dating one of my ex-boyfriends (call him Bob). I figured out soon that I really do love "Thomas" and not this "Bob" creep. Thomas thought I 'left' him for Bob. When I told him I deserved better than Bob, he came back with "No, I deserve better than you." and I know he was saying that because he felt hurt. Now he wont talk to me. Won't even accept the fact that I'm on the same planet. And on top of that I think Thomas' best friend is going crazy over me. I can't exactly tell.

~Cupid's Ex~


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A:  Get "Thomas's" attention and make him listen.
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B:  Become friends with Thomas. If it was meant to be, it will be.
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C:  Become Thomas's friend and try to talk to his best friend who might like you.
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D:  Constantly remind him some how that you're still in love with him and hope he sees you were not trying to hurt him

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