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Dear Anyone,

I am living with my boyfriend who is recently divorced. His family does not approve of our relationship, because I dated his brother over 22 years ago. I am truly in love with this man that I am with. January will make a year. His family lives an hour away from us and when he go to visit or spend time with them his ex-wife is there. I don't like this. She has been living with them for 6 months. Now with the holidays here it is really hard for me! I can't be with him, but she is there and I can not handle the situation with that. He says that there is no problems. He says that she leaves him alone, but I have doubts at times. She is doing things to impress him, things that she never did when they were married! I really need help. I am really in love with him and when he is no where near our home town he is different. It's like he is living two different lives. Should I stay and enjoy things when we are together and not worry about us being apart-especially during the holidays or what?

Totally Inlove with a very loving man


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A:  Ignore and deal
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B:  Keep loving him because he really does love you
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C:  Forget this relationship and move out and move on

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