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Dear Anyone,

I have this tremendous problem with three guys. A long time ago I met this one online, we hit it off great and dated for almost 3 months, but then out of nowhere, he called it off. Yes, I was hurt and missed him. 2 months after that he called me and asked me back, I knew it probably wouldn't work, but said "yes" just to give him the BOTD. Well, around Christmas things regressed quickly and it was ended on New Year's Day. That same day I met a guy and we hit it off, he wasn't a rebound or anything! Just started out as a great friendship and I think he wants a little more now. During the time I wasn't sure what he wanted, I met this other guy online, and he is amazing, we have a lot in common! But just this past Friday, the first guy I met he called and asked me back. We talked it over and it seems good, I just don't know what to do with the others. It is bad because I am still indecisive about them. I don't want to hurt anyone but I too don't want to get hurt.

Love Triangle


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A:  First come, first served. Keep loyal to guy #1.
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B:  Give the second guy a chance. After all, you met in real life.
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C:  Give third guy a chance and forget about the other two.
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D:  Give them all a chance and decide then, but don't be a player and let them in on it.

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