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Dear Anyone,

I met this girl, "Julie" two years ago. Everything was going perfect but then she just up and left. For no reason. I missed her so badly that I left too. Too many things around town reminded me of her so I moved about 1200 miles away. Later on I found out that Julie had given birth to a little girl. As it turned out, a DNA test proved the baby was mine.

Two years later I got married to a different girl. But now Julie wants to return to how thing were before. I still care about her but I'm married now. And my wife wants me to have nothing to do with Julie or my daughter. What do I do?

Can't be a father


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A:  If you still care about Julie you should leave your wife and help Julie raise your daughter.
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B:  Life goes on. Leave things how they are now.
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C:  Stay with your wife but explain to her that you owe it to your daughter to be part of her life.

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