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Dear Anyone,

I've been in love with a girl for a year already. The problem is, I've asked her a few times whether she had any feelings for me and she said she only liked me as a brother.

I've tried to let go of her but it's hard to. Normally when a girl knows a guy likes her she will avoid him so as to not give him false hope right? The thing is, she's always initiating the conversations with me. But sometimes after she talks to me, it seems as if she is not interested in the conversation. That is why I'm confused.

Recently I told her maybe we shouldn't talk so often anymore and that I wanted to let go of her. When she heard that, she was hurt and even cried. I apologized and told her I didn't mean it cause I didn't want to hurt her. Now although things are back to "normal", I just feel so lost as I don't know what to do. I want to let go and move on but I can't. She's holding a grip on me. Sometimes I really wonder if I have hope to be with her?



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A:  Make things easier on your heart and stay away from this girl for a while. Otherwise it will just eat you up inside.
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B:  Keep the friendship going. She'll grow to love you if you two are right for each other.
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C:  Give her an ultimatum. Tell her that you need to be more than friends or not friends at all.
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D:  Time for a hair-brained scheme: stay friends with her while at the same time wooing her as a secret admirer.

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