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Dear Anyone,

My ex and I dated 4-5 years off and on. We never broke up or really dated other people until he did this year. It hurt bad. Now he and the new womnan are finished and he wants to start over with me. But he wants to start out slowly and be friends and go from there. Should I keep walking away since it hurt so bad or try? I truly thought he was the one till he broke my heart into millions of little pieces. Even when we talk now it's not as intense of a relationship as it once was.



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A:  He's clearly on the rebound and wants to go back to familiar territory for love. Don't take him back.
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B:  Your relationship was off and on, so you can't really fault him for dating other people. Take him back but be clear about whether you are exclusive.
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C:  If you love him still then tell him. You can make things work.
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D:  Try being friends again for now and see where things go. The fact that he wants to take things slow suggest he's not just rebounding.

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