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Dear Anyone,

I lost my husband of 21 years in Dec. 2005. I miss the warm contact, hugs, kisses, not necessarily the sex. There is a man that I have known for the past 10 years that I think likes me. He always goes out of his way to say "hi" and chat a few minutes. He asked me to a picnic saying I need to get out of the house and I went and enjoyed myself. He was a gentleman. His friends and relatives on the other hand were raw but funny. Bikers! He has never made a pass at me. He'll hug me if I ask and I ask a lot of people for hugs. I love hugs. But, I need warmer hugs and kisses and am not sure if he wants our friendship to go that far. I know I am not ready for sex. I have too many issues with myself, such as my weight. Nights are lonely and no one calls to ask me to do anything with them. Should I let him know I am wanting this and how? Am I ready to date--no, I don't think so--too soon. But I sure do miss the closeness of someone that cares for me.

Sad and alone


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A:  It sounds like he's been good for you. Having more of that would be better. Show some affection for him and he'll reciprocate.
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B:  If you're not ready for a relationship, then you should stick to hugging him. You don't want to lead him on.
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C:  Go on with life alone and be surprised with the results.
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D:  Find some other sources of affection. Volunteer with children or something that will help you feel validated without the pressure of a boyfriend.

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